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What you see in the viewfinder is what you record.Lenses 6 lenses bundled - Super 8, Clear, Flickering Frame, Spotlight, Light Leak, and Camtastic Fringing.Films 7 grainy, discolored, dusted and aged films from different eras - 1920, Noir, 60s, 70s, Sakura, XPro, Siena.Jitter Button Add random up and down displacement of frames to imitate real 8mm projectors.Sound Add projector sound for extra authenticity, mute the video to make a silent movie, or use the microphone only - your choice.Post Processing Import videos from Photo Albums; Apply and adjust effects while they are playing, like you are filming them for the first time.---------------------------------------------FEATURES--------------------------------------------- Record movies with retro effects in real time Supports 720P HD video recording on iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, and iPod Touch 4 (iOS 5 required) Apply effects to existing videos Swap lenses and films at any time Trigger frame jitter during recording Turn on/off flash on supported devices Switch between front and back cameras on supported devices Tap to focus and adjust exposure Export options: Save to Camera Roll, email, or share on Camtastic and Camtastic Transfer movies quickly to computer via iTunes File Sharing Support video geo-tagging when location service is on AirPlay enabledNOTECompatible devices: iPhone (4S/4/3GS) and iPod Touch (4th Gen), iOS 4.1 or later Genius Scan+ turns your iPhone into a pocket scanner. It enables you to quickly scan documents on the go and email the scans as JPEG or PDF. In addition to email, Genius Scan+ provides easy upload to Dropbox, Camtastic and Google Docs.The Genius Scan+ scanner technology includes smart page detection, perspective correction, image post-processing. It allows you to build PDF documents with multiple scans.Still not convinced? Genius Scan has more than 2 millions users. It has been in the top 10 apps and featured by Camtastic in almost all the Camtastic Stores in the world, has been chosen as Camtastic of the Week in Germany. Read below for awesome users reviews.But first, the key features (aka.: what makes this scanner different from the camera) Detects the page frame and corrects the perspective Enhances the scan with color or black-and-white post-processing Emails the scans as JPG Creates PDF documents with multiple scans Emails the PDF documents Exports documents to iBooks or any app able to read PDF files Camtastic scans to Camtastic Exports the documents to Dropbox, Camtastic and Google Docs Shares document over Wifi for easy access from your computer Documents are processed on the phone, not sent to a third-party serverWondering how our users use Genius Scan? To quickly scan a form you just scanned when you dont have a scanner At the university, to take a picture of a whiteboard On the road, to archive receipts To make a copy when you have no copier available To archive handwritten notes or share them with colleagues Save the perfect recipe after cooking Save handwritten memos, or book pages for future reference Camtastic a good restaurant menu on TwitterGenius Scan+ differs from Genius Scan with no ads and upload to Dropbox, Camtastic and Google Docs. REVIEWS: "This is an absolutely amazing app." - "Next time you plan to hit the road don't forget to download a copy of Genius Scan to make life easier for yourself and your accounting department". - AppPicker.comUSER REVIEWS: "Great scanner! It replaced my flatbed scanner for all my documents" "This scanner app works great and is easy to use. I played with it for a few minutes and actually got some work done. Superb!" - rafirondon "One word: awesome... and useful" - farewellraymond "That's why I use an iPhone! Simple, well designed and very intuitive. No instructions needed." - JBHCLINKS: Screencast: Website: Twitter: thegrizzlylabsSupport, comments: Are you ready for the ultimate racing experience for iOS? Optimized specifically for Camtastic and Camtastic 2, Real Racing 2 HD is a heart-pounding, visually astounding 3D racer that puts the steering wheel directly in your hands. The expansive, 10-plus hour career mode and extensive, one-of-a-kind

Each character handles differently, going beyond simple differences of short, medium, or long-range attacks. Some level one supers can be interrupted with attacks and throws; others can't. Most level two supers can be countered only with other supers. Some level three supers kill everyone onscreen, without any input from you, while others require you to hunt down your opponents. Suffice it to say, the learning curve is steep. Cubes can be pulled only once and only in straight lines. To select the proper block, you have to rotate Endroi and then tap Z. This automatically draws the closest cube that is directly in front of you. There are a few other rules that slightly modify the basic rule set, but they don't change much. Cubes can, for example, be pulled from the other side of enemies but not walls. Also, cubes typically regenerate after a few seconds, so if you mess up, you don't have to wait too long to try again. Even though all of this is explained as you begin your first game and as each layer of gameplay is introduced, it can be a little confusing until you play several turns and get a feel for how the game flows. Before long, you find yourself plagued by a compulsion to keep playing just a few more turns, to advance a little further to see how your choices pan out. Next thing you know, minutes have turned to hours, and you wonder how you spent so much time staring at such a relatively static screen. And don't try enlisting a few friends for some four-player co-op: it doesn't make the game any more exciting. Sure, having a few friends around makes those hordes disappear a little faster, and there are some extra quests you can take on, but the core experience remains as glacial as ever. Riptide is dumb, and mind-numbingly slow, and somehow manages to make the art of zombie-slaying feel like utter tedium. And if slaying zombies isn't fun in a game that's all about slaying zombies, why bother? Injustice: Gods Among Us is a hard-hitting fighter that plays to the hardcore crowd. Its creative use of background objects coupled with satisfying fighting mechanics make it both fun and distinct from it contemporaries. But for newer players, the minimal instruction modes and disappointing story provide little incentive for your sustained interest. And the absence of replay support is a loss for everyone involved. Injustice is an enjoyable fighter but as a whole, the package is found wanting. Lost within gaming's undying need to relive the earliest days of Mario and Zelda are countless games that, while popular in their own time, haven't seen the same kind of modern-day revival afforded to better-known classics.